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Delta Diablo conducted an identical employee satisfaction survey in 2004 and 2009 to evaluate employee experience, their work environment, and their overall view of the District. I have provided comprehensive leadership development and organizational consulting services to DDSD from 2006 to the present. The challenges in 2006 consisted of a recent leadership change, low morale, union/management tensions, and a fear-based defensive culture. I worked closely with the General Manager, the executive team, and key staff to engage in a process that led to outstanding results. Please note, that if it were not for the collaboration of skilled and engaged leadership, these results would never have been made possible.

Rita's fingerprints are all over these survey results.

Gary Darling,
General Manager
Delta Diablo Sanitation District

Delta Diablo Sanitation District 2009 Employee Survey Results Summary

Executive Summary

Seventy-five emplyees (97.4%) completed the 2009 Employee Survey.
In comparison, 49 employees (83%) completed the 2004 Employee Survey.

Significant Improvements since 2004

Survey Question 20042009
DDSD is one of the best organizations to work for 14% 70%
DDSD listens to problems and suggestions 53% 78%
DDSD is an environment of openness and trust 45% 75%
The vision and goals of the district are clearly defined and communicated62% 90%
I understand how my job contributes to the District's mission and goals 70% 92%
Cooperation among managers of different teams is good or very good 34% 71%