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“Hired for skill, fired for personality”

How many times have you been impressed with someone’s resume and interview “performance” only to learn that they don’t “fit” in your department or organization? Unfortunately, by the time you realize this, your organization has already invested a great deal of effort and money hiring and training that “ill-fit” individual. In fact, turnover for an entry-level position within the first year is 1.5 times salary, while the executive cost per individual is an astounding 10 times salary!

The reason bad hires occur over and over again is because job candidates are not asked the questions that truly get at “fit” and effectiveness for a specific job, on a specific team, within a specific department, at a specific organization. The traditional interview provides almost no insight into how someone will really function once they are on the job. In other words, while employers tend to be good at screening candidates for intelligence and technical expertise, they tend to fall short at identifying and assessing candidates for the crucial non-technical or emotional/behavioral variables that contribute to job success and retention.

I assist organizations in hiring the right people by developing interview questions that are based on a thorough understanding of the organization and the job itself. I work to develop a behavioral profile that combines an emphasis on the overall values and culture of an organization with what constitutes top performance in a particular job. This form of interviewing referred to as behavioral competency interviewing, with an emphasis on hiring for emotional intelligence, is shown to increase the chance of picking the right candidate by two to five times over traditional hiring processes.

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Rita is sharp, to the point, and gets people and issues quickly. She helped me understand the power of empathy as a tool for motivating and engaging my staff.

Caryl Hart,
Sonoma County Regional Parks Director
County of Sonoma

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